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Hi and welcome to Español con Lucila!

I’m Lucila, a certified Spanish teacher with over twenty years of experience teaching languages. I love teaching Spanish and helping people accomplish their goal of becoming fluent in Spanish. In Español con Lucila, I help people who want:

  • To communicate effectively in Spanish-speaking work environments;

  • To travel and fully enjoy the local culture of Spanish-speaking countries;

  • To score high in a Spanish proficiency test (DELE) to get into a foreign university.

I started my career back in the ‘90s teaching Spanish to American high-school students in California, where I lived for a few years to study English. Yep, I love languages!  For the last 5 years, the online world has made it possible for me to teach students everywhere. My Skype lessons offer a complete classroom with a virtual board, videos, audios, and exclusive class material that you receive in your email box. Learn from the comfort of your home or office, or even when you are out of town!

At Español with Lucila, you develop all language skills you need to be fluent, such as pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, and much more. Each class brings relevant and current topics to generate conversation and keep us up to date with the latest news. Culture also takes a big role in my classes because I love the hispanohablante world, its culture, music, cinema, food, places, and people!

Do you want to speak Spanish fluently and enjoy the Spanish-speaking culture at its best?

 Join me and learn Spanish in communicative and interactive classes! 

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what my students are saying about me

“He decidido estudiar con Lucila por su profesionalismo, dedicación y el desarrollo de clases customizadas en base a mis necesidades. Rápidamente pude notar mi evolución, y en cinco meses obtuve la certificación DELE C1, con excelentes notas. Después del examen, continué a estudiar el idioma con clases enfocadas en mis actividades profesionales, y a cada semana pude notar que hablaba con más fluidez y seguridad. ¡Sin dudas, sus clases han cambiado mi vida!”

Cândice Gasperin


At Español con Lucila, you study online, but with a private teacher! Choose the plan that best suits your needs and time.


We also offer literary, commercial or scientific translations made by a team of certified translators. 


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Skype Spanish lessons

One-hour communicative one-on-one Skype lessons with Lucila, with support material that you receive in your email box, covering grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and lots of conversation on current topics. This course is tailored for your specific needs and objectives.

Spanish proficiency test (DELE)


This course is for students who want to take the Spanish proficiency test DELE, the most recognized Spanish degree on the globe. Here you will study all the skills necessary to achieve the level you need, from A1 to C2, in one-on-one classes designed following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

WhatsApp drops

A course for BUSY people who really need to learn Spanish! Receive 3 short lessons a week in your WhatsApp or email box, plus a 30-minute conversation class a week through Skype, or any video conference app, that you can take from the comfort of your home or office, or on the go while having a quick lunch or riding an Uber.

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